About Us

In 1886 Mark Kotewa’s great-grandfather established a farm south of Fairmont, Minnesota in Martin County. After over a century of hard work and dedication the fourth and fifth generation is still going strong and preparing for an even stronger future. The fourth generation of Kotewa’s, Mark and DeDe, took over ownership in 1976. Mark and DeDe have worked these years on the land and with the livestock making sure that Windmill Farm has sustained steady growth and is thriving for the future generations. They had two children Nicholas and Ross.

The family operation now includes the fifth generation in agriculture, son Nick and daughter-in-law Krystal. Nick has a degree in farm management and livestock production and manages the livestock from wean to finish. His true passion is farming the land. He has land rented and sells the grain to Windmill Farm to be ground in our mill and fed to the livestock. Nick built two finishing barns and rents them to Windmill Farm. Krystal has a degree in accounting and office management. Krystal is in charge of the offices, making sure all of the details in each entity are taken care of and run smoothly. Nick and Krystal work long diligent hours to make Windmill farm a success for their future as well as others. They have two children Season and Elizabeth.

Ross joined the MN National Guard in 2002; this duty interrupted his schooling for deployment to Iraq leaving, in 2005 and returning in 2007. In December 2010 Ross graduated from SDSU Brooking, SD with a degree in Agriculture. He has a long range plan to return to this area and join the family business. Ross too has built a finishing barn and rents it to Windmill Farm. Ross is employed by Farmers Mill & Elevator Inc., Castle Rock, MN as a sales agronomist. Ross and his wife Nicole live in Lakeville, MN. Nicole is finishing her teaching degrees at SDSU Brookings

In 1995 Mark received the Minnesota Swine Honor Roll. In 1998 the Family received the Minnesota Pork All-American award. In 2005 the Family received the Family of the Year award, and the Good Neighbor award was given to them in 2006.

We at Windmill Farm, and as the Kotewa family, are dedicated to producing the highest quality and safest Pork product. Each family member has areas of expertise and can help in any area. Weekly meetings are held to keep everyone informed with the progress of the farm.

It has been our vision to have a large enough farm operation so family members can still manage it and maintain a quality standard of living, along with having time for family and friends.

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